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The Rise of the Flat-File CMS

The last few years mark the rise of the so called flat-file CMS - content management systems that store data organized in files and folders rather than in a database like MySQL. Simplicity, speed and enhanced security are just some of the advantages that flat-file CMS have compared to established CMS like WordPress or Drupal that appear as overkills for most projects nowadays.

Which kind of flat-file CMS are you looking for?

Popular CMS

      Flat-file CMS that are stable and proven robust in plenty of live installations. They are covered by a strong developer community that regularly contributes to each project.

Solid CMS
      Flat-file CMS that have proven to be solid solutions for most blog and website projects. They are fun to play with - yet it may take some time waiting for the desired fix or feature.

Worth a Try CMS

      Flat-file CMS that are mostly small projects with small teams taking care of the development. The key message is minimalism and straight forward simple solutions for publishers.

Advantages of a flat-file CMS:

Speed 2.0
Flat-file sites load pages blazingly fast since there is no need to query any database. It's all already there.

Flat-file CMS are perfect solutions for beginners that don't need to know how to set up a database.

Databases are target number one for most hackers. No database - no vulnerability on that matter.

You don't need webspace with support for databases like MyQSL - that most hosters charge extra for.

Whether you are working on your own site or building a project for your customers: most flat-file CMS are free of charge.

Small Size
Some flat-file CMS constist out of just one PHP file. It can't get any more minimal than that.

Since there is no need for a database connection: just copy your site on a USB stick or move it to another hoster.

Whether one or one hundred pages: a flat-file CMS scales according to the needs of your project.

Most flat-file CMS offer support for plugins and allow templating as you like making use of popular CSS frameworks.

So are you ready to give the flat-file CMS a try? FlatPhile will help you to find the right platform that suits your needs.

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